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MASH 68 Map & Directions
NorthEastern Seoul (east side of Pukansan)
Hares: Itchy Gonzales and Company
1400 start time on Sunday (June 15th) so arrive by 1330!!
Plan for at least an hour to drive there!
Public Transportation is highly recommended!

By Public Transportation: Take Blue Line 4 to Suyu Station (# 414)(700 won). Leave Subway by Exit 7 and stop at the top of the stairs to catch bus # 16-1 (400 won). Try to sit on the right side! The bus will make two right turns, the second right turn will be onto route 41. You will then ride through two major intersections. After the second major intersection (look for "Academy House" sign on the left), push the button to get off at the next bus stop. You'll either get off before the Burger King or right in front of it. Either way, continue walking up the road until you find Burger King and then cross the main street to the park behind the white wall. Find your way inside and look for the MASH venue! Once located, get ready to hash!

By Car: Legend has it that it can be VERY slow going home after the MASH. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you use public transportation if possible. However, if driving is your preference, read on:

- Follow Route 51 North from Dongdaemun (direction: Mia Junction/Marigogae).
- Use the overpass at Mia Junction and continue on Route 51 (direction: Suyu Junction).
- Turn "left" at Suyu Junction (Go past the intersection then turn right) on Route 215/Hwagyesa-gil (direction: Hwaghesa Temple).
- Turn right at the first major intersection onto route 41 (direction: Ui-dong).
- You will drive approx 3 km (through two major intersections).
- Look for "Academy House" sign on the left side as you pass through the second major intersection.
- Now look for Burger King on your right, get ready to turn left.
- After passing the Burger King, turn left (next to the trampolines).
- You will be at the south side of the park, which is enclosed by a white wall.
- Park anywhere you can find next to the white wall and find your way inside! Get ready to MASH!

Call 011-9683-9442 if you get lost.

You can leave a bag and any post-hash goodies in a car while running.

There will be snacks aferwards and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share for a post-hash picnic/BBQ. There will be at least one small grill.

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs