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MASH 65 Map & Directions
Southern Seoul
(Kwachon area)
Hares: Moby Dick & Thorasic Park plus Running Mate & Papermate!
1400 start time on Sunday (May 11th) so arrive by 1330!

By Public Transportation: Seonbawi and exit # 3. Line number 4, and station # 35.
A small MASH sign will be at the subway exit pointing you in the correct direction.
- Go east approx 1.6 km and you are at the 3rd small road (paved road).
Follow the same directions as the cars. Upon arrival, get ready to MASH!

By Car: NOTE: Lot of parking!!
- Locate Hanam Bridge on your map.
- Travel south on Kyongbu Expressway (Highway # 1) directions to Busan.
- After approx 10 km go left at exit # 49 A on to route 47.
- Zero your odometer when you pass the Hyundai Gas Station just after taking off from Kyongbu Expressway.
- Drive towards Seoul Grand Park, and pass COSTCO on your righ side.
- Continue driving through a green house area and after 1 km. you cross over a small creek.
- Straight ahead is a highway / bridge contruction site with other road. Your odometer should say 1.7 km.
- Hold to the far right lane and turn right on the 3rd. small road (paved road).
Your odometer should say 2 km and you have a SK Gas station approx. 100 meters ahead on the left.
The exit onto the 3rd. road is marked with a No Parking sign, Tow away sign and a light yellow sign.
- Follow the small road approx. 300 meters and you are at the MASH HASH. Upon arrival, get ready to MASH!

Call Moby Dick at 011 831 5539 or Thorasic Park at 016 225 8600 if you get lost.

You can leave a bag and any post-hash goodies in a car while running.

We're celebrating Norwegian National Day early so wear your national colors or something colorful! Rumor has it that the hares have designed a special T-shirt to be given out to the faithful MASHers that attend #65! Of course, there will be the usual drinks and snacks afterwards and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share. There will also be a grill for the BBQ minded.

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs