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MASH 63 Map & Directions
Western Seoul, March 30th at 1400

Map & directions to MASH # 63
MASH 63 will start at 1400 (2:00 P.M.) so try to arrive by 1230!!!
Map shows "50" but text says "60" - text is correct!
Map shows "MASH 43" Add 20. See you there!

This is a great area with a good trail network plus quiet, classic ridge trails! Running and walking will be on dirt trails. There are numerous places that offer good views of Seoul if it is clear. Sunny or not, it will be a nice outing! On! On!

By Car
: Locate World Cup Stadium (West Seoul, north of river). Follow Road # 60 (north of the stadium) direction "Susaek" past Susaek station, past Eunpyong Tunnel, as you see a large (it spans the road) green horizontal sign with white Korean lettering look for brown signs for "Seoorung" (Royal tombs) to the right. (This turn is approx 4 km from the Naebu Expressway) Turn right immediately after you pass under the green sign at the "T" junction in direction of Seoorung. Zero your odometer as you turn! Drive north exactly 1.0 km until you see a gray brick building with red windows. You may see MASHers walking from the bus stop just before the turn. Look for the sauna sign and barber pole on top (See map). Look for flour marks on the road to show the correct turn. Turn right and drive towards the power station (700 meters). Follow the dirt road behind the power station. If the parking is filled behind the station, there is parking in front. Get ready to hash!!

By Public Transportation: Take subway (700 won)line #6 to Susaek Station (# 618), take Exit # 5, cross the street to the LG station and walk approx 30 meters to the nearest bus stop. Take the 429 shuttle west (400 won). After the shuttle bus turns right, you have approx 1 km to the bus stop you want. Look out the right side of the bus for a gray brick building with red windows and sauna sign (See map). Get off shuttle bus and walk approx 700 meters to the power station you can see from the road. Get ready to hash!!

Note: Lots of buses run west along 60 so if (77, 773, 772, 77-3, 915-1, 1000, 800, 913, 903, 141, 141-2, 146, 147, 148, 142, 142-1) run near your place you might consider using them. Just tell the driver "Susaek Station (Yawkyo)." Then take shuttle as described.

You can leave a bag and any post-hash goodies you might have brought to share in a car while hashing.

If you get lost, call 011-9703-0026 or 011-777-8196.

We will have the usual snacks and drinks after the hash! And there will be at least one small grill for BBQ-minded!

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs