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MASH 57 Map & Directions
South of Seoul, near Gwachon City
Hares: Daily Male & Large Member
1400 start time on Sunday (Oct 20th) so arrive by 1330!!
MASH 57 will be a another classic MASH hash
through rural areas, rice paddies, farms, woods, by a lake
with autumn colors all around!

By Public Transportation: Take Line 1 (direction Suwon) to Bugok Station (3 stations before Suwon, 700 won). Leave Subway by Exit 1 on west side of station (long walk on bridge over tracks), walk south on road adjacent to railway line (see map), or look for a ride from driving MASHers.

By Car: Locate Bogok Station area on a map. If you're driving from some place north of the Han River - locate the Hannam Bridge on a map, and drive to it.

Zero our odometer as you enter the bridge (north end).
Cross the bridge and enter Expressway # 1 (direction: south, signs for Busan, Daegu)
At 8.0 km     Yangje IC, Exit # 49A, take highway # 47 (direction: Seoul Grand Park, Gwachon)
10.0 km    Turn left towards Seoul Grand Park, start of highway # 312
11.8 km    Continue straight, stay on # 312 (signs for Suwon, etc)
13.5 km    Continue south on # 312 (drivers from Sadang area can join here)
15.5 km    Passing Government Complex, stay in the left two lanes for # 312
17.2 km    Passing Gwachon Tunnel
19.3 km    IC with Expressway # 100, continue south on # 312
22.2 km    Passing Uiwang Tunnel
24.3 km    Toll station (800 won), Keep left, do not exit, go to ECO-bridge
25.8 km    Passing ECO-bridge, slow down, keep right, prepare to exit # 2
26.0 km    Exit Bugok (Pugok)

Zero your odometer again here (as you leave # 312)

At 0.7 km    Turn left to Bugok Station
0.8 km    Turn right at traffic lights (signs for Bugok Station)
1.3 km    Go straight (signs for Bugok Stn, KNR Railway College, Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI))
2.0 km    Turn right (signs for Chopyong-dong) and cross the long, curved bridge over railroad tracks
2.8 km    Bugok Stn on your left. Look for walking MASHers. Continue straight
4.2 km    Continue straight (white, two-story cafe at left and lake at right)
4.8 km    Bugok Sewage Pumping Station Park to your left, enter the gate and you're there! Get ready to MASH!

Note: For non-walkers with small kids or whatever, the park offers playground and other attractions.

Try to be there by 1330! You can leave a bag and whatever food, etc in the cars while running or walking. Call 011-9148-6661 (Daily Male) or 011-224-4890 (Large Member) if you get lost or want to ask for a ride from Bugok Stn!

There will be the usual snacks and drinks afterwards! Bring something for yourselves and bring something to share! There will be at least one grill!! See you there!
On!! On!!
Daddy Long Legs