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MASH 47 Map & Directions
West of Seoul, May 5th at 1400

MASH 48 will start at 1400 (2:00 P.M.) so try to arrive by 1330!!!

By Car: (Note: This is not the most direct route, but keeps to expressways and is usually a clear run.)
- Drive west (direction Ilsan) on the Kangbyon Expressway (70) on the north side of the Han River.
- ZERO your odometer at the tank trap after the World Cup Stadium/ Gayang Bridge interchange.
- At approx 6.5 km, keep right and turn off onto Expressway 100 (also known as Outer Ring Road or # 101 on older maps). This exit loops UNDER the highway and heads south on the Gimpo (Kimpo) bridge.
- Continue south through the toll plaza (1100 won) and then take the second exit to Kyeyang.
- At approx 16.5 km, keep to right lane. After the traffic light (the first so far) DO NOT GO THROUGH THE UNDERPASS, follow the signs to Gimpo (city not airport) along route 307 (note: there are no route 307 signs on this section).
- After approx 3 km driving north, turn left BEFORE the underpass of the Incheon airport expressway, just past Gyulhyeon subway station (Look for mashers seeking rides!!)
- From the underpass of route 307 and the Incheon airport expressway, drive parallel to the expressway towards the Incheon airport going a "dog leg" in the road at 2.6 km.
- At the crossroads at 2.8 km, turn left to 1201 army camp (the right turn goes under the expressway).
- At 3.2 km, turn left at a yellow sign "Yellow House."
- Proceed straight past the yellow building up a farm / park access road for about 200 m to the run site.

By Public Transportation: Take the subway to the last stop of the Incheon north line.
- From Seoul, take red/dark blue line # 1 to Pupyong (Bupyeong) and change. Estimated travel time from Yongsan is 66 minutes and from Nowon is 108 minutes.
- From Gyulhyeon station, head down the road past the rail depot to the turn off to the left just before the Incheon airport expressway underpass and wait for a kind, passing MASHer in a vehicle to stop and offer a ride.
- If you get off at Imhak or Bakchon, continue north by taxi to the side road turn-off.

You can leave a bag and any post-hash goodies you might have brought to share in a car while hashing.

If you get lost, call Faceplant at 011-9007-6730 or 011-9703-0026.

There will be a grill so bring something to share and BBQ! We will have the usual chips, snacks, and drinks for all to enjoy!

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs