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MASH 46 Map & Directions
NorthWest Seoul, Gupabal Area
1400 start time on Sunday (Apr 7th) so try to arrive by 1330!

By Public Transportation
: Take Line 3 to Gupabal Station (#320)(600 won). Leave Subway by Exit 1 From there take a taxi, Bus # 36 or a coordinated ride with fellow MASHers to MASH #45 venue!

Try to be there by 1330! You can leave a bag and whatever food, etc in the cars while running (or walking).

Call 011-224-4890 or 011-9703-0026 if you get lost!

If you want to coordinate a ride or offer a ride from the Gupabal station, email us back. Thanks in advance!!

There will be the usual snacks and drinks afterwards and now that spring has arrived, everyone is encouraged to bring something to share for what is fast becoming the MASH traditional post-hash picnic/BBQ feast!! Bring something for yourselves and bring something to share!

There will be at least one grill!!

By Car: Locate Gupabal Station in NorthWest Seoul on a map.
Dirve there via Seoul Station on road # 67 (which becomes #1) or however:
- ZERO odometer at Gupabal station as you take the right "Y" split (See sign to "Puk'ansansong, Road # 673")
- At 0.3 and 0.4 km, pass under tank traps, keep to left lane
- At 0.7 km, turn left at traffic lights towards "Iryong"
- At 1.0 km, pass over bridge, continue straight
- At 1.5 km, pass SK station on right side
- Continue on new, wide road #349, signs for "Uijeongbu"
- At 3.1 km, turn left, sign for "Ogeumdong"
*** This is where you must disembark from Bus #36 which continues towards Uijeongbu ***
- Follow narrow road through residential/farming area
- Look for MASH arrow markings in chalk on the road
- At 3.8 km, turn sharply to the right
- Follow road in-between houses, continue straight
- At 4.5 km, park your car at MASH # 46 running venue!
- Get ready to hash!!

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs