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MASH 45 Map & Directions
Eastern Seoul, Manguri Area near Sagajeong Station
1400 start time on Sunday (Mar 17th) so try to arrive by 1330!!
It's a St. Patty's MASH ...Italian style!! ...So wear something "hashing green!!"

By Public Transportation: Take Line 7 to Sagajong Station (#722)(600 won). Leave Subway by Exit 2 (to Myeonmok market) Locate the four shops on all four corners to choose direction. Position yourself with KFC behind you and proceed along the road to the hills. After 400m, cross a main road and look for Mash-flour! Continue ahead for 30m then take the small road to the right. Then take the first narrow road to your left. Go straight ahead for 150m and you'll be at the  MASH #45 venue!

Try to be there by 1330! You can leave a bag and whatever food, etc in the cars while running (or walking).

By Car: Locate Sagajeong Station and the area on a map.
If you're driving to MASH # 37 from City Hall, you can take the elevated expressway through Tongdaemun. When you are approaching the end of the expressway, follow signs in direction of "Tapshimmi." After the railway bridge, don't enter the tunnel, but stay to the right so you can turn left at the traffic light (where you will see a huge "wedding hall" resembling the "Red Square area" of Moscow on your right side). After turning left, continue on the main road (#283 ) and you will arrive at Sagajeong station. See KFC on you left as you continue straight. After 400m you will arrive at a traffic light.

[All cars follow the remaining directions] Cross the main road and after 30m turn right. Slow down because there is a kind of square and you have to take the narrow road to the left. Continue for 150m  to MASH #45 site. There's plenty of parking for 4WD and there are about 10 parking places for "normal" cars. If you would feel more comfortable, you can park on the other road XXX (See map), which is approx 200m from the MASH site. 

MASHers driving from south Seoul: locate Kunja or Achasan station and drive north on the road #71 (Yongmasan-gil). Locate the gas station "Hyundai Oil Bank" on your left and slow down; Look for the road sign indicating Sagajeong station to the left, and at the traffic light, turn to the right and follow the directions as given above for all cars.

Call 016-252-1963 or 011-9703-0026 if you get lost!

There will be the usual snacks and drinks afterwards and now that spring has arrived, everyone is encouraged to bring something to share for what is fast becoming the MASH traditional post-hash picnic/BBQ feast!! Bring something for yourselves and bring something to share!

There will be at least one grill and plenty of green beer!!

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs