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MASH 42 Map & Directions
Northwestern Seoul
(at Large Member & Dances with Dogs' residence!
in Pyeongchang-dong!!)
1300 start time on Sunday, Jan 20th so try to arrive by 1230!!

By Public Transportation:
Subway Line # 3 (Orange) to Station # 17 (or 327) Gyeongbokgung (Palace). Take Exit # 3 and Walk approx 100 meters along road to bus stop for bus # 135, 135-1, 135-2 and 135-3. Take any of these buses to terminus. See detailed map for walking directions from Terminus.

Alternative: Bus # 8 from Sinchon and Yeonhui-dong area or 135/-1/-2/-3 from in front of the Kyobo Building across from the Sejong Cultural Center. See detailed map from bus stop. If you get lost, call 395-6341, 011 224 4890, 011-9703-0026.

By Car:Drive past City Hall towards Gyeongbokung Palace. Turn left at large T-intersection in front of Palace Gate. Sign to Dongnimun (Independence Gate) Road # 50

Zero your odometer in front of palace as you turn.

At 0.4 km: turn right at traffic lights, signs for Jahamun Tunnel

Drive straight through several traffic lights, signs for Jahamun Tunnel

At 2.1 km: Enter Jahamun (Chahamun) Tunnel (ca 0.5 km long)

After tunnel, continue driving straight through more traffic lights

At 3.6 km turn right in T-junction. Sign for Bugak Tunnel, Road # 20

At 4.2 km, veer right in traffic lights. Sign for Bugak Tunnel, Road # 20

Follow main road straight through a couple of traffic lights.

(Passing Baskin Robbins on left side at 4.7 km

Passing LG Petrol station on left side

Passing S-oil petrol station on right side)

At 5.2 km, turn left, off main road at traffic lights. Hana Bank on left side in junction

Continue straight up steep hill

At 5.6 km, turn sharply left onto "flat" road (Look for a MASH sign!)

At 5.8 km: On On ! House # 15, 154-25 Pyungchang-dong, Tel: 395-6341, 011-224-4890, 011-9703-0026.

There will be the usual snacks and drinks afterwards.

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs