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MASH 41 Map & Directions
Central Seoul (near Hyatt Hotel)
1300 start time on New Year's Day so try to arrive by 1230!!
Drag yourself up whatever your condition
and start 2002 hashing with friends and family!

By Public Transportation:
Locate Itaewon Station (#630) line 6. Use the map to walk in the right direction. If you get lost, call 011 448 6562.

By Bus: 83-1 and Shuttle # 5 pass by the Hyatt.

By Car:
Locate Hyatt Hotel near Namsan. When you arrive at the hotel entrance, continue right (with the hotel on your left). At the first fork, go left. At the next fork, go left again. 100 m after the second fork, the hash site will be at the right (Look for a MASH sign!). Parking at the Hyatt is recommended. If you get lost call 011 448 6562.

There will be the usual drinks afterwards. We want to encourage all New Year's Day hashers to bring along a dish that you normally eat on New Year's Day as your tradition. We are an international group and we especially enjoy sharing our national traditions!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs