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MASH 36 Map & Directions
North-Western Seoul near the Soorung Royal Tombs
1400 start time on Sunday (Oct 7th) so try to arrive early!!

Map to MASH # 36

By Public Transportation: Take Line 6 to Gusan Station (#615)(600 won). Leave Subway by Exit 4. You are next to Poseidon House restaurant. Stand by the curb next to north-bound traffic and look south towards tall apartment buildings with "101" for driving MASHers to stop and pick you up for the rest of the way. (see map). Try to be there by 1330 or earlier so we don't have to make a special trip back to pick you up!!!

You can leave a bag and whatever food, etc in the cars while running. It's starting to cool so it might be a good idea to bring a sweater for afterwards.

By Car: Locate Swiss Grand Hotel, the Nabu Expressway, and the Hongje intersection on a map. If you're driving to MASH # 36 from south of the river, I recommend your taking the river road along the north side and then get on the Nabu expressway northward to exit by the Swiss Grand Hotel and then turning left at the Hongje intersection. Most other traffic will be coming up that road from the Tongnamum Independence Park. **** ZERO YOUR ODOMETER AS YOU PASS THROUGH THE HONGJE INTERSECTION **** (Use map from here on) Contine north but prepare to turn left at Nokbean. Continue east and at 2.5 km, turn right following signs towards Soorung. Continue on this road past the Yeokchon subway station but stopping at the next subway station (Gusan) to pick up MASHers who need a ride the remaining ten minutes of the way. You will see the Poseidon House restaurant on the right side after the street junction and any mashers needing rides should be there early smiling and waiting. Thanks for helping all MASHers enjoy the day! Anyway, continue north. At 5.4 km, you will see a "Welcome to Kyonggi" sign. At 5.5 and 5.6 kms, you will pass under large Tank traps. At 5.9 km, you will see the right exit for Soorung but don't take it. At 6.1 km, turn left (Note blue sign "Bongsanno"). Take the immediate first left (approx 50 meters) onto narrow, gravel road (Note: three vertical signs in Hangul). Continue down this very narrow road following white flower to MASH # 36 site. Beware of approaching traffic on this narrow road!

Call 011-9703-0026 if you get lost.

There will be the usual snacks and drinks afterwards and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share for what is fast becoming the MASH traditional post-hash picnic/BBQ feast!! There will be at least one small grill.

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs