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MASH 29 Directions
North-Eastern Seoul on the east side of Pukansan

1300 start time on Sunday!!

HARES: Itchy Gonzales and Fuzzy Navel

MASH 29 will start promptly at 1300 (1:00 P.M.) so try to arrive early!!!

It will take nearly an hour to travel there so plan your time accordingly!

Public Transportation is highly recommended and easy!!

Ask Aku how long it took for him to drive back last July!!!

By Public Transportation: Take Blue Line 4 to Suyu Station (#414)(600 won). Leave Subway by Exit 3, proceed past KFC to Shuttlebus boarding stop at end of block. Take # 2 shuttlebus to Terminus (300 won). Walk up path through park area to Restaurant. Turn left at restaurant and head for paved road. Turn left on paved road and then first right into car parking area.

By Car: Follow Route 21 North from Tongdaemun, direction Mia Junction/Marigogae. Use overpass at Mia Junction and continue on Route 21, direction Suyu Junction. Turn left at Suyu Junction on Route 215, direction Hwaghesa Temple. When you reach Temple at sixth traffic-light controlled junction, turn right. Turn left at second set of traffic lights (by construction site?), direction "Youngnak Prayer Repeat (sic) Centre." Beware oncoming Shuttle Bus on this narrow road! Follow flour markings on road to very limited parking area.

Call 011-9703-0026 if you get lost.

You can leave a bag and any post-hash goodies in a car while running.

There will be snacks aferwards and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share for a post-hash picnic/BBQ. There will be at least one small grill.

See you there!

On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs