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MASH 27 Directions
North Central Seoul near Tongnimmum Independence Memorial

MASH 27 will start promptly at 1500 (3:00 P.M.) so try to arrive early!!!

By Public Transportation: Locate Nokpon (nokbeon) station (Orange line #3). Take exit #1 and walk up the road (north/away from the Tongnimmun Memorial). The run site is 900 metres north of the subway station. Pass Samsung Autostation and LG garage on your right. 600 metres from subway is a red brick building on the right with a big iron cross on top. The store on the ground floor sells furniture. Turn right into the narrow lane by the store; and follow it up hill to the on site.

By Car: From Seoul Station head north to Tongnimmun. As you pass under the Tongnimmun flyover, set your odometer to zero, keep straight on. At 4km you will pass Nokpon (Nokbeon) subway. Look for the landmarks in the directions above, and turn right next to the furniture store. There are limited parking spaces in the narrow lane, and some more right at the top.

Call Mumbles at 018-331-7780 if you get lost.

You can leave a bag in a car while running.

There will be snacks aferwards but no / no post-hash/BBQ.

See you there! On!! On!!

Daddy Long Legs